Steel Sonic Facial Cleansing Device

Color: Blue

Only 8 pieces in stock!

  • Rechargeable! No batteries!*
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning and maintence
  • Soft Silicone Bristles (No harsh brushes that can irritate the skin)
  • Deeper clean to remove dirt, oil, makeup and grime
  • 5 Pulsating Sonic Vibrations to alternate between.
  • Dual Sided Massager to help other products  penetrate deeper into your skin while providing you with a relaxing experience. 
  • Travel size. Fits perfectly in the center of your palm


Meet our Steel Sonic Facial Cleansing Device. The best addition to your morning and nighttime skincare routine! Our goal is to stop people from using their hands because let's be honest, a lot of us forget to wash our hands before we wash our face. This means your fingers can have dirt, bacteria and natural oils that you place on your face while washing! This device helps  provide a powerful and deeper clean to pores by removing dirt, oil and makeup. The dual-sided  massager is has a high frequency vibration technology that helps your skincare products (cleansers, serums, oils, moisturizers) penetrate deeper into the skin while providing a facial massage. Rechargeable battery and mini size for easy traveling!

How to use:

1. Charge Device (Located in the center of the back of the device) (never longer than 30 minutes) 

2. Power on + (Located on the front of the device with a + Symbol)

3. Apply your favorite cleanser to the bristles of the device

4. Splash water onto the device 

5. In circular motions, cleanse the face for about 1 minute. 

6. Rinse off device. 


Package includes:
1 x Facial cleaning brush
1 x USB charging cable (2.0mm cable 5V DC Power Adapter)
1 x User manual

*Disclaimer: Please Do not overcharge device or leave device charging overnight. 

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